Earthling’s Update between Heaven and Hell

heaven-or-hell-just-a-question-of-perspective-1090x614In 2014 I spent 6 months in Berlin, for fear of being imprisoned by a secret family court, after I had helped a mother trying to get her children back from ‘care’.

There I did the 26 Bikram postures again, rather than the different Fierce Grace classes that had evolved in London. But thanks to my campaigning efforts on behalf of children, who were dying to be heard, I was introduced to Alexander Barrie: the unique and magical therapist who specialises in the alignment of the pelvis.

Given that my hip had been dislocated in 1973, it was obvious that the pelvis would not have been aligned during all these years of compensating. Two years of seeing Alexander resulted in my letting go of the Nordic walking sticks that I used for balance and support, as my knee had become the weak link, while the left leg became a new unit.

Now I am concentrating on Hot Yoga again, as it seems to affect mainly the muscles, whereas Alexander’s Shiatsu, acupressure and great mixture of Chinese based treatments seem to have addressed the bone and nerve systems that had been out of alignment.  (more…)

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A Symphony of Variations on the Theme of Pain and Suffering

“Much of your pain is self-chosen,” says Kahlil Gibran in his marvellous book The Prophet.
“Your pain is psychological,” doctors said again and again, ever since that accident in 1973…

And what do I think?
I can call it ‘fascinating’ how my body is inventive at creating pains.
I can call it ‘amazing’ how I never know where what will hurt when I walk or move.
And it does not matter what I call it. For it just hurts. This way and that way, here and there.

What have I been learning?
It began with minimising the number of steps, when I was walking with crutches.
It continued with the search for ‘remedies’ and alternatives, physical, psychological and energetic.

And it is an eternal path of self-awareness that has opened:

  • who am I who is hurting?
  • what is pain, if not the other extreme of pleasure?
  • how far do I go to avoid hurt?
  • what happened when I ‘overdid’ it?
  • why did I not know my limits of endurance?

Because my body is as open-ended as Life is.  (more…)

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#GoFGYourself @FierceGraceYoga From Bikram to FierceGrace: starting my 10th Year of Hot Yoga

“Your leg has not been in the right place, ever since your hip was dislocated.” That’s how my specialised pelvis therapist Alexander Barrie described recently what I have painfully sensed, ever since 1973.

Queens Crescent has been my preferred studio, since I discovered it 10 years ago. Hence I experienced the transition from Bikram to Fierce Grace. It felt as if Bikram turned me into a good footballer, but FG into a better dancer.

Last year I had traumatic reasons for being in Berlin: I needed to flee from prosecution and imprisonment in a secret family court, after I exposed the worst of all child abuse cases. Hence I could go back to doing Bikram for nearly six months.

Here I enjoy the variety of the classes and am proud to be able to do them all, whenever I feel strong enough. At least once, hopefully twice a week. But when I started, I even did the 30-day challenge and Emma gave me an orange Yoga mat.

I shall never forgot how virtually every class ended in tears for the first six months. I got in touch with the emotional pain that surrounds my chronic physical pain:  (more…)

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#FarFromFiction Exposing Unspoken Pain in #pub #theatre #KentishTown

Eventually I’ll write a ‘symphony’ with variations about pain and suffering…

Cafe Theatre Productions

Ever since I was told that my pain is ‘psychological’, I dug deeper and deeper into psychology, psychotherapy and the intriguing links between Self and Society. In fact, “Personal Growth and Social Transformation” was the topic of one of the conferences I organised in Geneva between 1978 and 1981.

Far from Fiction” addresses the issue from the points of view of

  • a 19-year old woman who is anorexic and self-harming and “can’t eat because she can’t live”;
  • a 69-year old Social Anthropologist who is a former actress and “murdered her soul” during her life;
  • labelling ‘cases’ in mental hospitals that are ‘Far from Reality’!!!

We end up having to Oppose Deception!

Fortunately that has just happened on a large scale:

But what do you and I need to do make such good news happen?

  • healer heal thyself
  • we need…

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Our injuries are our teachers. #Learning by Doing and #Healing by #Suffering.

Today was a special class / workshop and I was more aware of my recent traumatisation than of my long-term pain condition. I took the Pelvic Corrector along to share my big discovery for self-healing.

Michelle closed the event by saying that our injuries are our teachers…

What have they taught me, my whiplash and dislocated hip since 1973?

Let me count insights and resolutions:

  1. Pain is invisible. It has its own way of making itself known and releasing itself. Hot Yoga aids tremendously.
  2. The more I become aware of my pains as signals of doing or not doing things, the more I can discover ‘stillness’ as the ultimate place of paradise.
  3. It is a great pity that doctors are not trained in holistic ways. They want me to take pain killers which I did recently, after I had my wisdom tooth extracted. But otherwise? Why numb and dumb the signals that alert me to nerves, ligaments, tendons, muscles, joints and everything that connects our physical hard- and software?
  4. Before I started hot Yoga, I swore by my osteopath to ‘put me straight’. Thanks to my campaigning for child rights, I have discovered the Pelvic Corrector Tool and its inventor Alexander Barrie. Now I can exercise at home and while travelling but am also being treated in truly holistic ways, from head (cranial osteopathy) to toe (reflexology) – with very specific movements for very particular muscles at ‘peculiar’ angles, for example – along the whole left leg. It’s obvious that the whole leg has suffered since its connection with the pelvis was dislocated and thus all movements strained and misaligned the poor thing. But nobody has ever spelled it out. I could only feel it. Every day. With every movement.
  5. Living with pain means trying to avoid it. Stopping just before it starts, if possible. But that’s only possible with physical movements. When emotional traumatisation and shock create pain, we have to help the dissolution in other ways.
  6. In the end it’s all about giving attention to Self and acting response-ably to the signals.
  7. “Keep the Stillness” was Monday’s teacher’s blessing…


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Progress in #Health and #Beauty with #FierceGrace #PelvicCorrection and #FaceLifter

This business of ‘working on oneself’ is demanding. Especially in a hot room where you’re following instructions to stretch your body beyond its normal limits. For it challenges you to stretch your mind, too! You can’t just think “I’ll do that tomorrow…”

Similarly with the exercises that Alexander Barrie gave me to do with his amazing Pelvic Corrector tool:

  • it takes self-discipline to do them. But they do touch muscles, ligaments and tendons that nothing else does!

I must keep going in the hope that I keep making progress with my chronic pain condition.

At Yoga today I re-met a friend after many years and she was amazed at how I had changed! At first I thought she referred to my looks:

  • after five face lifter treatments the dark circles around my eyes have lightened up, the bags under my eyes are less pronounced and my skin has definitely more ‘glow’ and less wrinkles.

Furthermore, I noticed that the eye lifter had produced what sometimes the hot Yoga had produced, too: what I call ‘detoxing’ through the eyes, when deposits appear like in the morning, after sleeping.

After all this Yoga as ‘inner work’ for ‘inner beauty’, I am now smiling at the effects of helping along with the magic of a natural ingredient, hyaluronic serum, and the hi-tech of inventiveness.

We’ll start the New Year with our weekly meetups on Thursdays, to build teams and relationships for helping each other become beauty-fully healthy, also financially! (more…)

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Forgive Everyone Everything: no 28 of 45 #Lessons in #Life

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#Health #Wealth and #Beauty in the #Spirit of #HotYoga #BYAS and #Wellstar

I’ve been working on my health ever since that car accident in 1973 when I also discovered that white sugar and white flour are no good for us.

Bikram and Fierce Grace exercises have kept my body and spirit going, despite ‘interesting’ pains in ‘fascinating’ places and completely unexpected movements and moments.

Now I’ve had my third treatment with this smart Face Lifter to add outer beauty to my physical life with pain and inner life journeys. And to become a ‘product of the products’ so that I act as a ‘live demo’ and role model for ageing with grace.

Becoming ‘beautifully healthy’ will include making money for paying programmers to develop my software inventions.

For the business opportunity is as innovative as the products themselves: ‘social club selling’ as a combination of

What more do we want than the right balance between health, wealth and beauty as our individualised lifestyle?

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Near-Death Experiences #NDE as Messages for Us as Individuals and Humanity as a Whole

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Heal Thyself with #HotYoga and #PelvicCorrection after 42 Years of Pain ‘Management’

Yes, it’s over 42 years since January 1973 when I remembered falling and thinking ‘this must be the end, this must be the ocean.

Well, eventually I discovered the ‘cosmic ocean‘ as the reality that holds and embeds us, the invisible worlds of energies that physics can’t unite between nuclear and astral scales.

And my invention of analysing images in a new way will lead to making pain visible! I just wonder when the wisdom of the universe will want that to come out. Meanwhile, I keep trying and kicking…

Especially after doctors told me that my pain is ‘psychological’, I’ve made the rounds in search of pain relief. But pains are only SYMPTOMS. What matters is to find the CAUSES.

Mis-alignment is an ‘obvious’ cause that I discovered thanks to what was first Bikram Yoga and became Fierce Grace in North London. Since I had to flee UK jurisdiction in February this year, I had the opportunity to practise the 26 Bikram postures in Berlin again. Back in London, I was arrested by Police since I had blown the whistle on the worst of all child abuse cases. That shock and trauma of 10 hours threw me back big time!  (more…)