This is my attempt to reflect in words what I’ve been experiencing in my pain ‘management’ since 1973 – after having discovered Bikram Yoga as the technique that reaches what none other does.

I have been doing it regularly since 2006 and my body has changed tremendously and positively:

  • re-alignment is the essence – my right half is VERY different from the left side
  • the spine from the neck with its whiplash injury
  • the pelvis with its dislocated hip
  • the back with its inability to carry my weight
  • the muscles with their gained strength despite ageing (born in 1944)
  • the skin with its smoothness due to all the sweating and detoxification
  • the mental / emotional upliftment resulting in more and more focus, determination and commitment to Self and my self-imposed regime of activities and priorities.

Hence I live

But I am hopeful that this year will end the pains. Three years ago I had a dream that “by the end of the summer” I would be painfree…

Published on December 1, 2008 at 9:29 pm  Comments (3)  

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