Heal Thyself with #HotYoga and #PelvicCorrection after 42 Years of Pain ‘Management’

Yes, it’s over 42 years since January 1973 when I remembered falling and thinking ‘this must be the end, this must be the ocean.

Well, eventually I discovered the ‘cosmic ocean‘ as the reality that holds and embeds us, the invisible worlds of energies that physics can’t unite between nuclear and astral scales.

And my invention of analysing images in a new way will lead to making pain visible! I just wonder when the wisdom of the universe will want that to come out. Meanwhile, I keep trying and kicking…

Especially after doctors told me that my pain is ‘psychological’, I’ve made the rounds in search of pain relief. But pains are only SYMPTOMS. What matters is to find the CAUSES.

Mis-alignment is an ‘obvious’ cause that I discovered thanks to what was first Bikram Yoga and became Fierce Grace in North London. Since I had to flee UK jurisdiction in February this year, I had the opportunity to practise the 26 Bikram postures in Berlin again. Back in London, I was arrested by Police since I had blown the whistle on the worst of all child abuse cases. That shock and trauma of 10 hours threw me back big time!  (more…)


#WhistleblowerKids Remarkable Spiritual Prophecies: today about the filthiness of flesh – as ‘permission to appeal’ is being requested of the President of the UK Family Courts

Come softly into My presence, says the Lord.  Experience the sweetness of righteousness and purity.  This is your place of escape from the hassles of the world and all the filthiness of flesh.  Come and rest.  Be healed and restored.  Let go of all corruption and defilement that seems to be inescapable except for rising up in the Spirit to commune with Me. 

Psalms 71:2 Deliver me in Your righteousness, and cause me to escape; incline Your ear to me, and save me.

I had a dream about ‘Beate’ (the happy one in Latin) who created the Yoga studio in Berlin which is my ‘saving grace’ ever since I started in Queen’s Crescent in London in 2006. I always need to feel strong enough to do Yoga. It takes effort. And it isn’t fun to keep yawning during class. But it is always re-energising no matter how difficult it may have been to get there in the first place. That’s about healing my body-mind connection and the pains up and down my left leg and other body parts.

My ‘sweetness of spirit’ and ‘fortitude of faith’, however, are best reached by these most remarkable daily prophecies that seem to have been written for me personally. But I’m sure that lots of readers will find them meaningful, too!

Today is the hearing to ask for ‘permission to appeal’ in Court 33 of the High Court – with the President of the UK Family Courts presiding. He’s been advocating reforms ever since he started in office. It’s the mother’s appeal against Mrs Justice Pauffley’s judgement on behalf of her two whistleblower kids.

The Hampstead Research site investigating the 70+ alleged abusers has closed down for the occasion. Many supporters will be there in body! I sent an email to Mrs Justice Pauffley which I also forwarded to the President.

Will the filthiness of flesh continue to rein?

Here are two petitions you could support to stop this filthy ‘child processing business’:

  1. Regarding the CASE: Justice Pauffley – Please honour the mother’s Residence Order and order a proper Police Investigation!
  2. Regarding the CAUSE: Protect the Child’s Best Interest (across borders) in Europe – the topic for a possible debate in the EU Parliament on 07 September and the EU Council on 15/16 October – IF WE CAN SHOW ENOUGH SUPPORT!!!