Heal Thyself with #HotYoga and #PelvicCorrection after 42 Years of Pain ‘Management’

Yes, it’s over 42 years since January 1973 when I remembered falling and thinking ‘this must be the end, this must be the ocean.

Well, eventually I discovered the ‘cosmic ocean‘ as the reality that holds and embeds us, the invisible worlds of energies that physics can’t unite between nuclear and astral scales.

And my invention of analysing images in a new way will lead to making pain visible! I just wonder when the wisdom of the universe will want that to come out. Meanwhile, I keep trying and kicking…

Especially after doctors told me that my pain is ‘psychological’, I’ve made the rounds in search of pain relief. But pains are only SYMPTOMS. What matters is to find the CAUSES.

Mis-alignment is an ‘obvious’ cause that I discovered thanks to what was first Bikram Yoga and became Fierce Grace in North London. Since I had to flee UK jurisdiction in February this year, I had the opportunity to practise the 26 Bikram postures in Berlin again. Back in London, I was arrested by Police since I had blown the whistle on the worst of all child abuse cases. That shock and trauma of 10 hours threw me back big time! 

I eventually felt strong enough to do the Stiff Old Broken class as well as the Deep Core again.

But a real turning point was the introduction to Alexander Barrie and his Pelvic Correction as the key to addressing back and hip pain – ‘coincidentally’ thanks to my online campaigning!

In his holistic way, Alexander realised how my whole left leg had been injured and thus degenerated, and how my nervous system would have been affected by this long term challenge of ‘managing’ pain. His spectrum of treatments is rooted in the understanding of Chinese Medicine but embraces many techniques in a most remarkable way.

After twelve treatments my leg feels ‘more normal’ indeed.

My GP said “we don’t do sleeping pills” which I had asked for; but she did prescribe pain killers (which I don’t do) and an x-ray.

I don’t see myself as a healer, when I try to help ‘cases’ when we act as McKenzie Friends (lay legal advisors). But I do hope I contribute to healing society when I publish sites such as

My offer to Alexander was to build www.pelvic-correction.uk and he loves it as a new tool for sharing his considerable insights from experiences with patients.

Three years ago I had a dream that I would be pain free by the end of the summer. Well, it wasn’t the summer of 2015. But it will be the summer of 2016, I am now convinced!

Meanwhile, I keep being touched to tears whenever I console myself with these two poems:


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