Alignment, alignment, alignment

I always felt the difference between my left hip and knee and the right ones. But I was amazed, when one of the early trainers had said “so the whole left side”.

For months, I have been feeling areas I had not felt before: my right wrist, shoulder and, above all, hip, where the muscles connect the pelvis to the spine.

Meanwhile, my left knee and my left hip are noticeably and “feelably” twisting back into line. But the left leg is still far too weak to kick back. And that after nearly four years of truly regular practice…

But today I felt too weak to go. I am grieving over the loss of a very important person in my life. The Thursday class got some of the tears out, but we all have to grieve our own way – with and without Yoga, aligning our emotional energies with the strength and flexibility of our muscles and bones…

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