#FarFromFiction Exposing Unspoken Pain in #pub #theatre #KentishTown

Eventually I’ll write a ‘symphony’ with variations about pain and suffering…

Cafe Theatre Productions

Ever since I was told that my pain is ‘psychological’, I dug deeper and deeper into psychology, psychotherapy and the intriguing links between Self and Society. In fact, “Personal Growth and Social Transformation” was the topic of one of the conferences I organised in Geneva between 1978 and 1981.

Far from Fiction” addresses the issue from the points of view of

  • a 19-year old woman who is anorexic and self-harming and “can’t eat because she can’t live”;
  • a 69-year old Social Anthropologist who is a former actress and “murdered her soul” during her life;
  • labelling ‘cases’ in mental hospitals that are ‘Far from Reality’!!!

We end up having to Oppose Deception!

Fortunately that has just happened on a large scale:

But what do you and I need to do make such good news happen?

  • healer heal thyself
  • we need…

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