Earthling’s Update between Heaven and Hell

heaven-or-hell-just-a-question-of-perspective-1090x614In 2014 I spent 6 months in Berlin, for fear of being imprisoned by a secret family court, after I had helped a mother trying to get her children back from ‘care’.

There I did the 26 Bikram postures again, rather than the different Fierce Grace classes that had evolved in London. But thanks to my campaigning efforts on behalf of children, who were dying to be heard, I was introduced to Alexander Barrie: the unique and magical therapist who specialises in the alignment of the pelvis.

Given that my hip had been dislocated in 1973, it was obvious that the pelvis would not have been aligned during all these years of compensating. Two years of seeing Alexander resulted in my letting go of the Nordic walking sticks that I used for balance and support, as my knee had become the weak link, while the left leg became a new unit.

Now I am concentrating on Hot Yoga again, as it seems to affect mainly the muscles, whereas Alexander’s Shiatsu, acupressure and great mixture of Chinese based treatments seem to have addressed the bone and nerve systems that had been out of alignment. 

Performance-wise, I have fallen back big time in my Yoga postures. But while I always appreciated the ability to compare myself from one session to the next in the same posture, I now compare my left leg with my right leg and seek to get through the session in a way that benefits my knees, besides my heart and lungs that get challenged by the heat – even in the slow SOB class for those of us who feel Stiff, Old and Broken…

Commitment, persistence and perseverance have become my mantra ever since I discovered the I Ching.

I have stuck to those principles not only with Hot Yoga but any project I undertook, and, above all, for my software innovations. After all, that intellectual odyssey started in November 1996. What are 2 1/2 years of ‘stately traumatisation’ or hell in comparison with that?

A part of that process led me to meet ‘ideal Neil’, the developer who has added techno-value to my mathematical concepts, and it is a joy to work with him. I do get into ‘conceptual heaven’ of excitement when I see what can be visualised in our new unique ways!

We have formed a little team with a Business and a Technology Partner. We are also in conversation with three potential Software Partners.

The long term hell of traumatisation [7 arrests] resulted in a nightmare of 4 dark men arriving in my bedroom last night and continues to affect my ‘software’ now: the abdomen… Fear of shock arrests seems to sit in the belly and give me pain there.

The ‘Return to Bail’ date on 14 October will determine whether I am going to be charged with having violated the Restraining Order: the Police are still investigating me as a ‘criminal suspect’, i.e. they are desperately trying to criminalise me and others who support the children. Police have kept 3 laptops and 3 external disks since 04 November 2016 for that purpose and my solicitor has to take them to court to get my property back – pro bono – as Legal Aid does not cover this!

The November arrest was the last one. Since then I have been invited to two interviews which avoid the highly denigrating ‘booking in’ procedure. I had supposedly violated the Restraining Order which should never been handed down. But even though the Police case collapsed, they try to get us behind bars this way.

Veteran activists have known what I learned the hard way:

  • ‘no comment’ interviews work for GUILTY criminal suspects, not for INNOCENT public interest whistleblowers like myself.

After the last interview I came out feeling good, for I had said everything that I needed to say. Before that I was always frustrated by the often rather provocative questions which are clearly meant to insinuate all sorts of implications and inferences.

Since the Department of Work and Pensions [DWP] had been informed about my departure by two people who clearly wanted to see me suffer, financially and emotionally, I have not had any income since May 2015. Hence I had to appeal the DWP decision.

The judge found in my favour. But that does NOT mean money is in my bank account! Instead, the Community Centre lawyer told me it is very likely that the DWP will appeal his decision…

And thus I continue to live off the charity of friends, supporters and activists who appreciate what I have been doing. For ‘going online’ was our last resort and it has paid off, since the web has a wonderful memory, after it inspired soo many armchair activists.

The Metropolitan Police has had to deal with my various public complaints and a letter before a civil claim for compensation, while they pursue their criminal investigation…

An Application for Serious Case Review is before the relevant Safeguarding Children’s Board.

So I trust that I’ve done everything I can to heal and defend myself from experiences I certainly do not wish on anybody. But, I guess, I said YES to them, before I was born, as Hermann Hesse suggests in his beautiful poem: The Life that I once Chose Myself.

Veteran activists have also published Featured Cops on Bent Lawyers and Cops which I re-published with more readability. For it is a remarkable backdrop of cases and stories for our experiences as McKenzie Friends.

May the eclipses bring light to our planet, by getting attention for taking it away for a while, so that suffering can be replaced by Peace and Joy!

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  1. Amazing post. The last paragraphs gave me shivers. I so admire you!

    • THANK YOU, dear Katia! My mum said “what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger!”…

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