#Health #Wealth and #Beauty in the #Spirit of #HotYoga #BYAS and #Wellstar

I’ve been working on my health ever since that car accident in 1973 when I also discovered that white sugar and white flour are no good for us.

Bikram and Fierce Grace exercises have kept my body and spirit going, despite ‘interesting’ pains in ‘fascinating’ places and completely unexpected movements and moments.

Now I’ve had my third treatment with this smart Face Lifter to add outer beauty to my physical life with pain and inner life journeys. And to become a ‘product of the products’ so that I act as a ‘live demo’ and role model for ageing with grace.

Becoming ‘beautifully healthy’ will include making money for┬ápaying programmers to develop my software inventions.

For the business opportunity is as innovative as the products themselves: ‘social club selling’ as a combination of

What more do we want than the right balance between health, wealth and beauty as our individualised lifestyle?

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