#GoFGYourself @FierceGraceYoga From Bikram to FierceGrace: starting my 10th Year of Hot Yoga

“Your leg has not been in the right place, ever since your hip was dislocated.” That’s how my specialised pelvis therapist Alexander Barrie described recently what I have painfully sensed, ever since 1973.

Queens Crescent has been my preferred studio, since I discovered it 10 years ago. Hence I experienced the transition from Bikram to Fierce Grace. It felt as if Bikram turned me into a good footballer, but FG into a better dancer.

Last year I had traumatic reasons for being in Berlin: I needed to flee from prosecution and imprisonment in a secret family court, after I exposed the worst of all child abuse cases. Hence I could go back to doing Bikram for nearly six months.

Here I enjoy the variety of the classes and am proud to be able to do them all, whenever I feel strong enough. At least once, hopefully twice a week. But when I started, I even did the 30-day challenge and Emma gave me an orange Yoga mat.

I shall never forgot how virtually every class ended in tears for the first six months. I got in touch with the emotional pain that surrounds my chronic physical pain: 

  • pain is invisible; that is the human condition;
  • “your pain is psychological”, said doctors instead of admitting to their helplessness;
  • “she won’t suffer in old age”, wrote a doctor to avoid my employer CERN’s insurance company to pay out for the accident on professional duty;
    • in the picture I am in the visualisation centre of San Diego’s university, to talk about my software innovations that I am trying to get commissioned;
    • it’s always nice to feel understood in academia, but game changing innovation seems to have more chances in ‘free enterprise’;
    • with 12% women in science and tech and 1% holding the world’s wealth it ain’t easy;
  • “you’ve got 25% less muscle in your left leg than in your right one”, said a German sports doctor years later;
  • put it down to destiny”, said another doctor who couldn’t help;
  • give it a year and a half”, said one of the first Bikram trainers…

And thus I keep going. I feel addicted to FG and know that I always come out of the class feeling better than when I started. Simply amazing, as ‘maintenance’ and possibly stopping the ageing process, or at least slowing it down.

I just prefer peace and quiet music to the club atmosphere. But I’m 71 and our desire for inner peace and inner joy grows, as we age.

Three years ago I had a dream that I would be pain free at the end of the summer… Will it be this summer???

Michelle, THANK YOU for having brought hot Yoga to London and spreading it as effectively as you’ve done!!!

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