Alignment, attunement and attainment – a mantra for many of life’s situations

Today was the third session since I’m back in London and I can walk again – more or less without that preventive limp that my leg invented in its wisdom. And today I listened to a teacher who was new to me.

She kept pretty much to the standard script, but I loved the mention of these three words:

  • alignment which I’ve been very aware of as a ‘twist’ from shifting emphasis and strength from the right (active) to the left (receptive) half of my body
  • attunement to me means being ‘aligned’ with the tune, sounds and song of the Universe in the sense of “I’ve done it my way”: singing one’s song as if nobody was listening and dancing one’s dance as if noone was watching
  • attainment is then the euphoria or ecstasy that can arise from becoming One with the Universe, one’s purpose and, possibly, A N Other.

But it all requires constant awareness and and the steady discipline of monitoring one’s thoughts and feelings: the connections between sensations and emotions, energies and verbalisations and, the mysterious link between the unconscious becoming conscious.

One Bikram teacher once said to me when I asked what she thinks happens to our mind as we attend class after class: it’s detoxing, i.e. changing from negativity to positivity.

I have certainly changed a lot from weeping for weeks to smiling at my chins and watching my thoughts and associations change every time, before I ‘come back to reality’. I certainly am glad, grateful and thrilled to be able to practise meditation in this challenging way.  (more…)