2009 will be the year of ‘ultimate balance’

I’ve made such consistent progress, that I am convinced I will have my right and left sides balanced before the end of this year.

That means an awful lot to me:

  1. mission accomplished, i.e. body functionality back to before the accident, albeit 36 years later
  2. every class feels like stopping ageing, if not rejuvenating
  3. I imagine that coming once a week will ‘keep it up’, whereas I’ve been coming between 3 and 4 times a week on average
  4. I’ve become a new person thanks to renewing my body so fundamentally: leaner and trimmer, as Anna said the other day, who had been my first teacher; I would add stronger and more flexible. And after three days of fasting after a colonic, my joints feel particularly nimble and my arms seem to float like those of a ballerina.

And thus I keep encourageing everybody to ‘go for the challenge’. For every class is one. But nothing can replace it.

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