Over a year later

Having started Bikram Yoga in March 2005, it’s now well over a year that I’ve enjoyed my progress. In ordinary walking terms, I can say my hip is 95% healed. During Bikram exercises I’m maybe at 70%.

But yesterday I was very surprised at noticing how the heat which normally exhausts me affected me much less! Normally, I would lie down during a number of exerices – depending on the redness of my face that seems to be a measure for the degree of exhaustion I experience. But yesterday, while being red-faced, I could do more exercises than I’ve done for a long time – but at 42 degrees!

39 degrees feels ‘cool’ in comparison. But I came out jumping inside – full of renewed energy – even though I had to cry again over my hurtful hip… But the beauty of crying is that it stops. And the beauty of this magical Bikram process is that it gives you what you need at any given time. Since I cannot really know what that is, I keep being surprised: at the exercises I can do better and better during the class and the way I carry myself in the real world.

Yesterday I was at an exhibition all day long – without experiencing ANY back pain at all, whereas I used not to be able to stand for one minute without my back hurting!

I used not to be able to bend backwards whereas I now adore trying to reach the back wall! And thus I sing a Yoga song of Bikram praise – or as delight-ful trainer Gaby would say: my cells are singing with happiness!

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