Forgive Everyone Everything: no 28 of 45 #Lessons in #Life

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  1. Quiet. Hush. Be silent.

    We do not hate.
    We are not victims.

    We have looked at the evidence and made our judgments.
    You have looked at the evidence and made your judgement.

    Everything in this “game” is not a “game”.

    Everyone “playing” is human. Individuals. Ricky Dearman is not involved. RD is not “playing”. RD is healing from harassment. Hush. Quiet. Give the poor man time to heal from the hate. Stop. RD is not here.

    Everyone against you… They, we, I… all made our judgement according to evidence. There is no outrage. Only logic.

    No hate.
    Just logic.
    We have not committed crimes.
    You have committed a crime by leaking sensitive information.
    Any harassment you receive is not from us,
    It is from your victims.

    Golden rule. The golden rule. Have you heard of it? Of course you have. Do not post the addresses, names, private information of Hampstead residents. They are hurting. They are suffering.

    Perhaps you did not mean harm but harm still resulted from your leaks. People are harassing them. People know the names of their children. They are crying. Children are having nightmares. All from your actions. You are innocent but guilty at the same time.

    This is your fault. Hush. Crease. Allow these victims of yours to heal. Do not reveal anymore personally identifying information about them. Please don’t. Please don’t. Don’t.

    “And I have to forgive all those victims who hate us as ‘rescuers’ and McKenzie Friends for not having ‘solved their case’ for them”

    Forgive? Don’t. This is your fault. It is your incompetence that has resulted in this. They have every right to hate you. It is you who should seek their forgiveness.

    I know you are angry as you read this. I know you are think I am wrong. I know you think we are the bad guys. I know you are just trying to hold back the anger. You are trying to turn this hate of yours… this frustration of yours into optimism. Hush. Take a break. Move away from the computer for a moment.


    Do you want to have a chat? Do you want to have a chat with someone you pity so much? Do I want a chat with someone I should not care about?

    Do you want to talk?


    Where is the evidence that I published details of ‘innocent abusers’?

  3. A friend of mine commented by email: “So the children naming all these names and names of the parents, what? Nothing is done. That is exactly what happened, so why do they keep moaning, they have it easy, dry their eyes and move on. Stop denying it, get their tattoo areas out and show they are innocent or shut up, mx”

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