After 250 Classes

First of all, my spine feels flexible and ‘one piece’ instead of brittle and inflexible.

Secondly, my hip and knee continue to make the subtle progress and changes that come from this gradual re-adjustment and re-alignment on a cellular level.

Thirdly, I’ve lost that extra weight and I feel my body getting back to how it was when the accident happened 33 years ago, when I was 29.

This ‘therapeutic fitness training’ has changed my metabolism because my body has learned to sweat, my ‘yoga face’ because I’ve learned to enjoy suffering in a physical way – after crying for weeks over all the emotional suffering associated with this accident.

And I’ve become addicted to watching my progress: within each class from posture to posture, between classes when I expect pain but watch how my leg / hip ‘ back feel differently and in my overall feeling of embracing life with a body that is renewing itself – as its response to being ‘wound up’ during 26 postures in a hot room.

What an experience to share!

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