Between Experiences of Pleasure and Memories of Pain

It is rather difficult to convey the amazement that I experience every time I get dressed/undressed, I turn in bed, walk, sit down, go up and down stairs: all these normal and regular movements feel quite DIFFERENTLY after nearly 18 months of classes.

But it is easy to describe the joy that I feel every time I walk away from a class now: I used to envy the young people who seem to feel more energetic whereas I was exhausted for months – emotionally and physically. But for quite some time, I have been feeling happier and happier, during and after class.

I have lost my diamond ring in the studio, but I have found my joie de vivre in my BODY, not just in my spirit! And I am confident that I will feel the way I used to when the accident happened 33 years ago. I will also ski again – like at 28.

Reversing ageing is nothing compared to my experience of turning chronic pain into joy and pleasure. Sanjai even managed to get me to enjoy the Camel posture which is so hard and difficult for me. But now I smile just thinking of this new way of going only as far as my body ENJOYS leaning back!…

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