Progress in #Health and #Beauty with #FierceGrace #PelvicCorrection and #FaceLifter

This business of ‘working on oneself’ is demanding. Especially in a hot room where you’re following instructions to stretch your body beyond its normal limits. For it challenges you to stretch your mind, too! You can’t just think “I’ll do that tomorrow…”

Similarly with the exercises that Alexander Barrie gave me to do with his amazing Pelvic Corrector tool:

  • it takes self-discipline to do them. But they do touch muscles, ligaments and tendons that nothing else does!

I must keep going in the hope that I keep making progress with my chronic pain condition.

At Yoga today I re-met a friend after many years and she was amazed at how I had changed! At first I thought she referred to my looks:

  • after five face lifter treatments the dark circles around my eyes have lightened up, the bags under my eyes are less pronounced and my skin has definitely more ‘glow’ and less wrinkles.

Furthermore, I noticed that the eye lifter had produced what sometimes the hot Yoga had produced, too: what I call ‘detoxing’ through the eyes, when deposits appear like in the morning, after sleeping.

After all this Yoga as ‘inner work’ for ‘inner beauty’, I am now smiling at the effects of helping along with the magic of a natural ingredient, hyaluronic serum, and the hi-tech of inventiveness.

We’ll start the New Year with our weekly meetups on Thursdays, to build teams and relationships for helping each other become beauty-fully healthy, also financially!

After all, we just get rewarded for getting others to feel good by looking good!

Will you RSVP if you can join us in Wembley at 6pm for 6.30:

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