Four Years later

No, my left knee and hip are still not ‘ok’. And Kerry, who’s also a real regular, said the other day: it’ll probably be for life…

Well, I did have that fantasy of getting my body back into the shape of the 29-year-old who used to ski, play tennis, do acrobatics on horses and climb the Saleve mountain near Geneva.

But what is my progress? Let me count:

  1. I am stronger, fitter and distinctly more connected with the various limbs of my body
  2. Pain is effectively gone. Back pain completely. Every back bend is a miracle! However, as the hip joint keeps re-setting itself, I do experience the odd moments of discomfort reminding me of the agonies I’ve experienced.
  3. My shoulders are freeer than ever, while my legs are stronger than ever. Thus I walk so much better, and I can even run again! I’ve only tried up to the traffic lights, but still!
  4. Going down stairs is an ongoing test for progress, but all in all, I feel terrific when I’m out of that studio.
  5. Inside, I notice the shortcomings of knee and hip differently, depending on the posture. But progress keeps happening, which is why I continue: with love, zest, joy, commitment, perseverance and utter amazement and gratitude.
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Addicted to Bikram Yoga

It is incredible how keen I am to attend these classes that have these far reaching and deeply changing effects. Turning in bed, getting out of bed, getting dressed, walking stairs up and down – all these regular movements keep feeling differently. Where there used to be pain and discomfort, there is now a different kind of sensation.

I walk with strength and confidence and watch how I keep wanting to try my ‘walking feeling’ out. I just wish that my sleeping would improve, too. But that will come in its time, too.

So I keep going 3-4 times a week and thoroughly enjoy it, especially when I get feedback from trainers who can see my progress while I feel it.

One woman who is coming because I was the first of three friends who told her about it told me the other day that her fibroids have become smaller after 20 sessions.

Every body gets what it needs from that ‘infusion of change’ through exercise and heat.

Am I glad my body takes what it can get from it!!!

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The changes that I’m watching during a class and between classes must be called ‘dramatic’. During class: at first I could fold my left knee, then I could sit Japanese style. And now I keep watching how my bum will touch the floor in ‘fixed firm pose’ while my left hip is still hurting most in the wind removing pose.

But the essence is to keep going: in between classes I walk as if I’m normal, I’m putting my weight expressly on my left leg which I haven’t donw for 33 years and thus keep watching how I’m changing, changing, changing – while also staying the same in a funny way…

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