Opening Hips and Shoulders with Fierce Grace – to heal the trauma of my accident

It was not a very professional transition from the one and only Bikram class with 26 postures to five different classes with lots of new postures in a number of variations.

Re-branding Bikram into Fierce Grace meant teaching trainers and students.

For my dislocated hip and its effects on the rest of my body, it was god sent despite all the hiccups: the Bikram postures could have turned me into a good footballer. Fierce Grace might make a dancer out of me… 🙂

In other words: there’s a lot more to stretch in the hip area that has never been stretched before so that the left hip resembles the right one! As a result, I can’t walk without sticks. But I am convinced that this, too, will pass and that I will come out with a healed hip. The question is when!

10 days ago, the Yoga class inspired me to do for myself what I have done for so many victims of white collar crimes: write a one-page summary. 

Mine tells the story of how the accident that happened after CERN had sent me to Berkeley, should have been handled financially by a fair employer. I still get tears into my eyes now. For the emotional, physical and financial pains that resulted over 40 years are clearly not yet resolved.

Having sent my summary to the Director General, I now have somebody to talk to at CERN. However, I chose to stay in the meeting of the ENLIGHT network rather than see him when I was surprised by an email 30 minutes after the proposed meeting.

But, hopefully the right combination of ‘players’ will come together to pay either purely personal compensation or make professional funding available to advance my software inventions at long last (or both).

Meanwhile I shall follow the age old principle: healer, heal thyself and continue to attend to hot Yoga classes!


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