Towards Christmas 2012 and the New 2013: personal is professional and political

12 12 10 ChristmasBikram Yoga continues to be at the core of my activities. But the stillness while the heart is beating in between postures is not enough to make sense of the world I see from my experiences.

I need more time for reflection and expression of thoughts and feelings, as Christmas is approaching. What a blessing that the web offers us everything we’d ever might have wished to find in a library – right now, right in my laptop.

There is a brilliant 2-minute history of our planet, mankind and where we’re at on this video. And a remarkable Shift Happens about where technology may take us…

And thus I write my Christmas letter here, while listening to over seven hours of gospels, sung by — Elvis Presley. For the personal has been professional and political for me for a long time.

I have just received a “Peace and Joy” card from a dear friend and co-thinker – a formerly very successful business woman of the year who had displeased the establishment by uncovering corruption. Her punishment consisted not only in material losses, but also prison and, upon release, a ‘community treatment order’ of a monthly injection. How Stalinesque is that???

The Christmas card above was the first one to arrive. From HMP Pentonville where Joseph Musa is being held wrongly since 28th November 2010.

More on the website I built for what is acknowledged to be the worst of all child snatching cases. That parents not only lose their children but also their freedom is too much to bear, after I heard enough ‘cases’ to know the reality and not the ‘agenda spinning’ of the mainstream media. I wonder whether you feel like sending Christmas greetings via Email a Prisoner? You need to select the prison (Pentonville) and indicate the name Joseph Musa and the prisoner no A2793CJ. His wife Gloria is A2767CJ in Holloway. It costs 30p per email and you need to start with a deposit of £5.

John Ward is the astute blogger who writes in his Diary of Deception and Distortion that

the blogospere’s destiny is to be the opposition to all things Bollocks.

As a Yogi, we are concerned with all things ‘spiritual’, i.e. beyond the material that we touch, feel and see. Eastern philosophies tell us about ‘maya’: the world of illusions that we need to liberate us from.

Who would have thought that the older I get, the more I realise that the MainStream Media (MSM) are actively engaged in creating illusions that are quite shocking, to say the least? I experienced it first hand after I had attended the farce of a court case that resulted in SEVEN years imprisonment for the Musas. For it was followed by another farce of a press release which was anything but the truth. Agenda spinning rather than news publishing, as John Ward calls it.

The next big shock for me was the story around Lord McAlpine. I had seen his name on this list well before the Twitter brigade moved into action. But he managed not only to get people to apologise to him but also get paid! How large can the gap widen between reality and its report or reflection?

Well, I think that the online world matches reality far better than the one portrayed by the MSM. And that’s where I take my hopes from, while sighing about feeling helpless and powerless.

I feel helpless and powerless, because I can’t raise the funding necessary to advance my innovative software methods – while knowing how dishonest our money system is.

I feel helpless and powerless, because I can’t free parents from prison, children from foster care, adoption and other places where they are being abused or groomed for being abused – while we are being told stories that the perpetrators and criminals are ‘good guys’.

I feel helpless and powerless, because I have to console myself with Rabindranath Tagore:

I am not bound to succeed, but I am bound to live up to the light I have.

There are a few other gems that I was glad to re-discover online:

The butterfly counts not months but moments,
and has time enough.

‘Let me light my lamp,’
says the star,
‘and never debates
if it will help to remove the darkness.’

The mind ever seeks its words
from its sounds and silence,
as the sky from its darkness and light.

My other big consolation is a poem that I discovered thanks to sharing thoughts online: Hermann Hesse who is famous for Siddharta among other books that have been translated into English wrote this beautiful poem about The Life I chose to Live: that we are shown our life before we choose to accept it. Hence, we just need to remind ourselves that, before we were born, we said YES to what we’re experiencing. Unfortunately, it hasn’t been translated yet.

And thus I am curious about what the next year(s) will bring that I have already said YES to and hope that you will, too!


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