The Difference between Who You Are and Who You’d Like to Be is What You Do!

Trainer Elizabeth dropped these words of wisdom at the end of yesterday’s class:

The Difference between Who You Are and Who You’d Like to Be is What You Do!

Yes, being is doing. Love is Action. Sitting around doing nothing doesn’t change us and certainly doesn’t turn us into ‘nice’ people.

Sibel on the day before said

“We’re better people for it: we have more to give. We have more patience.”

These sessions hit everybody’s buttons in their own time and their own way. I certainly can trust that

  • I always come out feeling better than when I walked in
  • eventually, my left side WILL feel as ‘normal’ as the right one, even though the current stages of re-alignment are particularly painful
  • my body is as admirable in its wisdom as is Bikram’s series of postures, combined with the heated room.

For no other therapy would have gotten me to where I am today:

  • first, the neck and all joints became loose and free
  • then the lower back became less painful so that I could stand up again
  • and now, after seven years, it seems as if the hip sorts itself out deep inside: the groin, the bone joint and the links upwards to the shoulder and downwards to the knee.

I shall keep trying for as long as I can, and keep going once a week, even when I do feel ‘perfectly re-aligned’.


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