From Mis-Alignment to Good Alignment – guided by Pain Signals

It’ll be seven years soon that I will have done my 26 postures – with more pain than pleasures, more anguish than Buddhahood, but not more tears than smiles!

For the constant observation of progress is soo reassuring! It is such a pleasure to know and feel how the left side of my body re-aligns such that, eventually, the hip won’t hurt and the knee will be functioning rather than crackle, topple and flop!

The most intriguing aspect is that the alignment reaches even the fingers and thumbs! And that the gradualness even means a certain ‘going back’ in particular postures.

For pain signals set the limits. There’s no point pushing into pain. To the contrary, the more the challenges can be enjoyed, the better. Just like the Joy of Burn Out, maybe, this book by Dina Glouberman whom I met in the 70s thanks to one of the conferences I organised in Geneva.

Pain signals in Bikram postures are different from the annoyance of pain in bed and due to ‘wrong’ beds. There is the ‘joy of pain’ as a signal of feeling in alive and there is the ‘pain of pain’ – as a reminder to ‘keep going’, to remain on track: on the track of self-knowledge.

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