Thoughts about physical, emotional and mental pains

I never know what thoughts and feelings come up during Bikram sessions. Initially, I used to cry for months, mainly because I was reminded of ‘ancient’ pains, of emotional, physical and financial types…

More recently, I seem to think about things that come to the surface from the ‘bottom of my mind’ thanks to the stressful ‘asanas’, i.e. body postures.

Today my grievances with CERN bubbled up. For I have to face that lawyer who claims that “it is now not possible to claim damages from either CERN or AUSTRIA”, the then health insurance company”.

Tough, eh: first the doctor(s), then the lawyer(s) who are giving me a hard time – as if they were responsible for the money that should have been paid to me…

My current doctor said it was a “swindle” when the then doctor said I would not suffer in old age from the accident. At the time, he was speculating. He could be neither right or wrong.

Now, I am PROVING that he was wrong. Americans have invented “Legal Abuse Syndrome” as a special kind of “Post Traumatic Stress Disorder“, which counts as a kind of disability!

But for now I can only think about some headlines:

  • CERN refuses basic human rights to former employee…
  • CERN doctors and lawyers make their own rules and laws…
  • CERN where the web was born has to suffer from bad web publicity…
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  1. Is this CERN as in the particle accelerator who almost created a black hole a few years back?

    Hope you feel a bit better now!

    • Yes, yes, Marcus!

      I used to tell physicists what was wrong in their computer programs who later became Nobel prize winners…

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