Learning from Defending Victims: Email to CERN’s Legal Service with a view to Compensation

To get compensation for emotional, physical or mental harm done, doesn’t seem to fit into our capitalist culture. Backed by lawyers, ask for the maximum and pay out a minimum. That’s the game of institutions, whether employers or their health insurance companies.

I have two grievances and have sent them to the European Committee for Petitions:

  1. doctors claimed to know that I would NOT suffer from my injuries in ‘old age’
  2. lawyers claimed I should have complained within 10 years of leaving CERN, my then employer who had sent me to Lawrence Radiation Lab in Berkeley on an exchange visit of two months.

On October 28th 2010, I therefore sent an email to the Legal Service at CERN, asking whether I deal with them or their health insurance company.

At my last Yoga session (I travel to Berlin every Wednesday for this) these thoughts pre-occupied me:

  • I have no idea how long the readjustment of my left hip and knee will last – even after nearly 6 years of Yoga – while I continue to watch progress
  • I have had to look after my back, neck, hip and knee ever since the accident in January 1973
  • How would my life have unfolded, if doctors had been less arrogant and pro-me rather than pro-insurance?
  • Would a man with a family have been treated in the same way as I as a then single woman?

Well, I would not have suffered less physically. But having an invalidity pension from CERN or their then insurance company AUSTRIA would have made a huge difference, compared with having to convince the National Health Service in London of the fact that I couldn’t stand without pain…

Still, we’re here to let our soul evolve. And thus it has learned to be tough and fight, as my body learns to be strong and flexible… But my flexibility is still rather poor… And my strength? Well, I must be grateful for all there is and everything I experience: from new sensitivities along the back of my waist and hips down the left leg, to a left knee that is clearly responding to my regular appeals to become like the other…

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