Five years and still re-aligning…

It is really good to work with different teachers, while the exercises remain the same. At the Berlin centre, Frank challenged me to leave my habitual comfort zone with the leg stretching exercise, but I’m still too wobbly on the left side!

The hip is still realigning in the joint and the knee feels brittle and cracky. I also feel as if the outside layers of my hands, arms and shoulders are now being transformed.

And thus I keep trying! In London I even did a double session the other day – only because the first one wasn’t very hot, I guess. Still, another nice little challenge mastered.

I know that the day I won’t be able to do Bikram is the first day of giving up living and beginning to die instead…

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  1. Thanks for the inspiration. Three years after starting Bikram yoga and 8 yaers after back surgery I was seriously doubting whether i should continue given the miniscule improvements in balance between my left and right side.

    • Most definitely, Shapna, keep going!

      I keep being amazed at the progress of my left knee while still not being able to do lots of things. And my realignment even touches hands and shoulders.

      Also, on the leg I feel the ‘outside sheath’ changing now whereas before other ‘more crude’ tendons and muscles seem to have readjusted.

      There’s just a lot that needs doing to be ‘perfect’, I suppose. Plus: it seems to put ageing on hold!

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