My wretched body stretched by Anna

Today was a very special class again: just in time I noticed that it was time to go and I felt just enough energy, too. No excuse today.

And my very first teacher Anna was giving it. She’s always very funny and amusing, and I value how she observes how I’ve been changing. And even more do I value her willingness to stretch my back in that relaxing half locust pose.

Since I’ve been feeling emotionally bruised by my closest working partners for a week, Anna was a complete God sent angel, once again. I absorbed that goodness during the next pose to soak it up fully, and she even asked whether I was ‘alright’. It brings tears to my eyes now. But in business, one is not supposed to be emotional. And yet, businesses break up, because communications break down. And communications break down, because feelings are not sensed and respected, let alone talked about.

A big part of me only wants to see what still needs repairing, after nearly four years of classes: the left knee, the left hip, the connection between right pelvis half and back, the spine between the shoulder blades, the right wrist, the shoulders that are still too hunched up.

But I can also count my progress: leaner and trimmer in Anna’s terms. More bouncy and ‘nearly normal’ when walking, much more energetic when walking, much better skin, generally this marvellous ‘loose’ feeling in the joints and thus feeling much more flexible.

BUT, while I do like the effects of the pauses between classes (5 days this time), I seem to start from scratch with my ham strings every time…

And thus my wretched body continues to be a pain, while becoming more and more a source of pleasure, too. But smiling at my shins still feels like the clown Button in the film The Greatest Show on Earth: under the smile is sadness… Some of the tears flowed today again.

But I shall keep trying, on all levels, including smiles! Already I can endure more postures these days, but maybe the room doesn’t get as hot any more…

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